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Concert #5 "Beautiful Landscapes of Japan"


DATE: Thursday, October 8, 2020 (NY time)
Time: 9pm-10pm (60 min)
Online Zoom Event
FREE (no tickets or registration required)

Join Yui & Chihiro Thursday evening at 9pm for talk & music!

The theme of our 5th Quarantini concert is "Beautiful Landscapes of Japan." We will be celebrating One Year Anniversary from our Carnegie Hall concert sharing stories about the concert and music of Bunta Satoh. Come enjoy the beautiful sound of Tsugarubue, a type of Japanese bamboo flute unique to Aomori prefecture.

Please join via the zoom link below with your favorite "Quarantini" (beverage of your choice - coffee, orange juice, mimosa, bloody mary, etc).



<Program> Order TBD
Guest Speaker: Bunta Satoh, Tsugarubue (bamboo flute) player

All bamboo flute demonstration & performance by Bunta Satoh

The Forest Where the Gods Live
     Music by Bunta Satoh
     Yui Kitamura, piano

Red Apples
     music by Yui Kitamura
     performance by MuSE Chorus & Ensemble 212

Kagura (excerpt)
     Music by Bunta Satoh
     Excerpt from the recording session in NYC
        Satoh Bunta, Tsugarubue
(bamboo flute from Tsugaru region, Aomori prefecture)
        Hiro Hayashida and Sota Asano, Taiko Drums
        Chihiro Shibayama, Percussion
        Stephanie Matthews, Violin
        Reenat Pinchas, Cello
        Hsin-Ni Liu, Piano

and more.

 plus Q&A with the artists.

facebook Event page:

*This event is a free online event (virtual concert) with live talk and sharing performance/music videos and moderated in English.


Event Link to the same concert moderated in Japanese


DATE: Fri. October 9,  2020 at 9pm (NY time) 60 minutes

 (Sat. October 10, 2020 at 10am (Japan time)

***Not a live performance concert. (We hope we'll be able to do one in the future.)



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