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Beginning - 00:00:00

■ Welcome! 

Moderated by Yui Kitamura & Chihiro Shibayama, co-directors of MuSE

■ Alicia Lieu

"Unwrapping Fortune"

an opera written by Alicia Lieu  


01:00:00 ish:


■ Yukiko Akagi & Alex Alguacil - piano four-hands

Yukiko Akagi, piano:

Alex Alguacil, piano:

YouTube Channel: Alex Alguacil

■ Moe & Vranas

"How Dare You?"

written by Maggie Moe & Joshua Vranas


■ Kevin Chavez

YouTube Channel: obospieler

■ Lee Douglass & Toshi Hamada

Jyo En (Sounds of Arts Festival 2020 Cut Version)

Written By Lee Douglass & Toshi Hamada

Music by Kento Iwasaki



02:30:00 ish


■ DuoAA

Audrey Lo & Adam von Housen; violins

Audrey Lo's Instagram: @audreyloviolin

Adam von Housen's Instagram: @avhgeige


■ MuSE Chorus

Mozart - Ave Verum Corpus

Faure - Pavane, Op. 50

with Musikapiphany

Alicia Lieu, conductor

■ The Pocket Watch

Story by Kyusaku Yumeno

Music by Yui Kitamura

Taka Kigawa, piano

Chihiro Shibayama, percussion & illustration

Instagram: @cheeseheropaints

English Translation by Eric Margolis



03:00:00 ish


■ Hypercube

Interview guest: Chris Graham, percussionist 


■ Carter & Harris

"Somewhere Over New Jersey"

Written by Andi Lee Carter & Briana Harris


■ Artists By Any Other Name

Instagram: @artist_baon

■ Jeff Fairbanks

venmo: @StreetBeatBrass


04:00:00 ish


■ Chihiro Shibayama

“Willie’s Dream” with Kate Bae

a part of Artist-In-Residency Program:


■ Clara Duo



■ Amaterasu Za

Interview guest: Ako, Artistic Director


05:00:00 ish


■ Bryan Blaskie 

Instagram: @BryanBlaskie


■ Cristina Spinei

Instagram: @cristinaspinei

■ Roberta Michel

■ Hiro x Hiroki (Garyu) x Tomomi

Hiro, calligrapher:

Hiroki Takeuchi (Garyu), taiko player:

Tomomi Uta: Instagram: @tomomi__uta

YouTube Channel: Garyu Channel




06:00:00 ish


■ New Asia Chamber Music Society

Interview Guest: Andy Lin, Artistic Director


■ Imanishi & Nagira

Ayana Imanishi, violin

Masato Nagira, horn

Instagram: @nagira77



Instagram: @glankglankglank

Interview guest: Paul Rudolph, composer


07:00:00 ish


■ Kenji Haba

"Deck the Halls"

"O Holy Night"


■ Mari Kotskyy

"Hide & Seek"

Kaori Zinke & Azusa Hatabata; pianos


■ Feinstein & Hansen-Young

"Don't Ask"

written by Brian Feinstein & Diana Hansen-Young

■ Empire Wild
Venmo: @EmpireWild
Instagram: @EmpireWild
YouTube Channel:

Recent news: Empire Wild on the 2020 Ambassador Prize through the Concert Artists Guild (includes North American Management)


■ Bunta Satoh

Tugarubue player (Japanese bamboo flute from Tsugaru Region, Aomori Prefecture) Facebook:

Instagram: @buntasato


08:00:00 ish


■ The Pleiades Project

To donate:

Recently, The Pleiades Project premiered their 5th Season of Pleiades 24 on Invision, and it is now available on our YouTube:

A new series called German Romantics: Clara on Invision:

■ Mark Wade Trio


■ Sumie Kaneko

Instagram: @martinikaneko

■ Rie Kawahara & Mayumi Fuchida


arranged by Yui Kitamura



09:00:00 ish


■ Manami Hattori

"Un bel di" from Madama Butterfly


■ Divya Maus & Richard Hanson

"Sewn Into You"

■ Mika Mori, Yuri Shingu and Johko Takemura

Mika Mori:

Yuri Shingu:

Johko Takemura:

■ Vasko Dukovski

Clanking Replicator



10:00:00 ish


■ Trevor New & Chihiro Shibayama

Trevor New, violist:

Chihiro Shibayama, percussionist:


■ New Docta

Solange Merdinian: Instagram@solange.merdinian  


■ Reifler & Robelen

"Holding On"

Erin J. Reifler:  Instagram: @erinjreifler

Spencer Robelen:

and Holiday Otamatone Riddles scattered through out the festival.

Collect all the alphabets and rearrange them. What did you get?


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